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OSM RIECHE's Foot & Footwear Consultation sessions
have been held monthly across Japan since 2014

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Orthopaedic Shoe Technician Meister

Your Foot and Footwear Problems

The orthopedic shoe technician or orthopedic shoemaker is one of the medical-technical health trades.

The range of services includes all shoe-related measures to maintain, promote and restore foot health, starting with small individual changes to ready-made shoes and shoe inserts through to the production of orthopedic made-to-measure shoes or complex orthoses.

In addition, there is comprehensive advice and problem solving for shoe and foot problems in the prophylactic and acute area.

Returns in JULY 2024

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【2024 3rd Foot and Footwear Consultation Day-Free Foot and Lower Limb Foot Examination and Risk Assessment—9th, 10th and 11th JULY】

"The Miracle of Walking" is coming to Hong Kong, there are customer testimonials!

How did Nature’s Walk orthopedic shoes create the "miracle of walking", so that every foot patient can regain confidence and move forward again? 

In fact, every miracle begins with the consultation of Mr. Karsten RIECHE, the foot orthopedic master...

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Feet are The Foundation For Your Whole Body

The foot is consisting of 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, and 19 muscles.
The feet keep the body in an upright position, absorb shock, and allow walking and physical activity.

Karsten RIECHE

German-certified Orthopädieschuhmachermeister


Master Profile:Karsten REICHE


   Karsten REICHE is a German-certified orthopedic

           shoe technician/shoemaker master who has been based in

           Japan  for 30 years.


1986: Obtained national certification in orthopedic shoemaking


1996: Graduated from Meister Schule BFO Hannover and obtained the

           master's German national certification MEISTER.

1997: Visited Japan to provide technical guidance on German

           orthopedic shoemaking.

2007: Established "Orthopedic Shoe Workshop R.I.O." and started

           producing custom-made shoes for people with foot problems

           throughout Japan.

2008: Collaborated with the Kobe Healthy Shoe Research Association

           to develop "gute wahl."

2013: Established and became the representative director of Nature's

           Walk Co., Ltd.

2015: Became an advisor to the General Incorporated Association for

           Foot Education Research.


   Karsten Reiche has extensive experience and expertise in

   addressing foot-related issues. His contributions in the field of

   orthopedic shoemaking have been valuable in assisting

   individuals with foot problems.

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About the Profession of Orthopädieschuhmacher

An Orthopedic Shoe Technician differs significantly from the conventional shoemaker, who is primarily concerned with the repair of ready-made shoes.
Even if the "normal" shoemaker builds custom-made shoes, this is different from the individual manufacture of an orthopedic shoe.

The production of special shoes, the conversion of ready-made shoes, for example for the needs of diabetics, are the focus of this profession.
This also includes the adjustment of insoles to correct foot deformities as well as padding and relief for certain areas of the foot.
This is particularly important for diabetics to keep their feet healthy.

Orthopedic shoe technology

During World War II many feet and legs were injured, e.g.. many amputated feet. There was a great need for custom-made shoes that would allow the injured men to walk again.
So it happened that more and more shoemakers acquired these special skills of shoemaking in order to get the partially mutilated feet to walk again.

This resulted in the profession of orthopedic shoemaker in 1953. The special skills were taught in an apprenticeship so that the quality of the orthopedic shoes could be improved.

EPT Meister 2.png


Custom fitted Bespoke Orthopaedic Shoe can soothe a number of foot ailments:

Bespole Orthopaedic Shoes feature all the support you need inside the shoe. Since the orthosis/orthoses and shoe that go inside are integrated, it is generally lighter and more compact.
This German Orthopaedic Shoe Technology enhances the fit of the shoe and gives it a lighter look. Orthopaedic Shoe Technician Meister design and fabricate Orthopaedic Shoe which is a medical supportive device and measure and fit patients for them. 

Service Name

Service Name

Service Name

Hallux valgus, Corns and calluses, Splay foot, Hallux rigidus, Nail problems such as Ingrown toenails and Thickened toenails, Valgus flat foot, Plantar fasciitis, Heel Spurs, os Tibiale Externum, Knee Osteoarthritis, Hip problems such as Congenital Hip Dislocation and Acetabular Dysplasia (Hip Dysplasia), Rheumatism, Diabetic foot, Back problems such as Sciatica, Herniated disk, and Spinal stenosis etc.

Shoemaking Process:
How Bespoke Orthopaedic Shoe Are Made

Custom shoes feature all the support you need inside the shoe. Since the equipment and shoes that go inside are integrated, it is generally lighter and more compact than existing equipment. This technology enhances the fit of the shoe and gives it a lighter look.

step 1-1.png


Counseling & Footprints measurement

Footprints are used to measure your feet to check your foot problems, condition, and joint range of motion.



Measurement & Molding

Measure the circumference of the foot, take a mold of the foot with Trisham, and take a plaster cast.

step 3-1.png


Last & Orthosis production

[Wood mold production]

A wooden mold is created from the mold of the foot, and it is molded into a shape that matches the condition of each foot.

[Footbed production]

A wooden mold is created from the mold of the foot, and it is molded into a shape that matches the condition of each foot.

upper 1.png
upper 2.png


Upper (leather) production


Lasting-Pulling over, sole attachment (the process of assembling shoes)

We make proposals that give top priority to ease of wear and functionality, and the designs are orthodox men's shoes, dressy with crocodile embossing and enamel, colorful sneaker types, and more. Choose the shape and send it to a skilled upper craftsman in Germany who is trusted by Meister. Finished with the finest and most beautiful German leather.


Step 6

Delivery, Fitting, Adjustment and Modification

When you hand it over, you will actually wear it and carefully check it again. If necessary, it will be fine-tuned and handed over.
In addition, since it is possible that you may experience discomfort after wearing the shoes for a while, we also offer an after-sales service that guarantees repairs and readjustments by our masters for one year even after the shoes have been handed over.
(*In the unlikely event that the shoes do not fit due to our technical problems, we promise to remake them.)

Collaboration with Strategic Alliance Partners

To All Medical Professionals,


At Nature's Walk flagship store in Japan, we have experienced Prosthetic and Orthotic (P&O)  who are able to create custom-made shoe-type orthoses and foot orthoses at the level of medical devices in collaboration with medical institutions.

These orthoses are specifically designed to address the increasing cases of intractable ulcers and severe deformities such as diabetic foot ulcers, severe pes planus (flatfoot) or pes cavus (high-arched foot), rheumatoid arthritis, foot deformities, and amputations.


We also provide the production of medical device-level shoe-type orthoses and foot orthoses in Hong Kong through collaboration with medical professionals.

We have prepared case studies in PDF format.

If you would like more detailed information, please feel free to contact our Medical Department.

Our representative will be happy to provide further explanations.

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